Hi ;)
My name is Patri

I live in Barcelona and I make unique ceramics with slab building technique from my little home studio. I make everything by hand, calmly and unhurriedly. 
A little more about me: 

I wanted to study fine arts, but ended up studying technical architecture because "it was a career with guaranteed employment", but it had nothing to do with what I wanted. When I finished the degree, the crisis was just beginning, and my profession changed completely. Feeling demotivated and looking for something better, I moved to Barcelona, studied graphic design and began to discover everything related to it, interior design, product design. All of this fascinated me, it was a world that I didn't know but felt I wanted to belong to. Art has always been very present in my life, I think it's what motivates and worries me. I got a job as an interior designer and started to immerse myself in design, but not just any design, but functional design, simplicity, sensations, and emotions.

In 2020 the pandemic arrived and I basically lost my job, I was at home, doing nothing and feeling demotivated again, only painting and doing any creative activity could take me out of those negative feelings. My sister recommended that I take a small online course in ceramics, I loved it, I could make things come to life that before I could only capture on my sketches.


making handmade mugs


The possibilities multiplied exponentially. I started working with air-dry clay, but it is very limited in terms of the use of the pieces, soon I bought everything necessary to make pieces and take them to be baked in a nearby workshop. The experience was great, I shared my work on Instagram and people liked it.

Everything started to grow, my desire to make pieces, to share them, to experiment and create. This led me to buy a kiln to be able to bake my pieces and continue experimenting, and that's how it goes, but with the desire to make it real and professional.


 holding handmade mugs


I like to make happy, original, and experiential pieces, with decontextualized shapes and decorations, that make you feel, pieces that belong to their own world, an intangible and surreal world. They are unique and exclusive pieces.

Fun ceramics for fun lifes

handmade mugs lilac marquesina 



To create this universe, I play with metaphysical ideas of impossible invented scenarios, but which are common to all of us, they remind us of something, of the past and the future, they cannot be located in a specific time and space. Nature, flowers, and the Mediterranean play an essential role together with the invented spaces, they make them more common to all of us, they humanize them, we feel comfortable. The shapes of the pieces are a combination of basic geometric shapes, and I feel that this has a lot to do with my first career and geometry. My pieces are an amalgam of who I am, but taken to the physical plane. I am cheerful and playful but at the same time very introverted, sometimes I distance myself and get into my little world where everything is okay and there are no problems.

For any question don't hesitate in send me an email or contact me on instagram
Thanks for reading ;)